English Prayers and Poems
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We want to tell our gratitude,
    Dear son and great Marine,
For serving our country as you did
    With greatness and esteem.
You shall not fight, your battle's over,
    The taps have sung their sad refrain,
Your great reward has now been won,
    Forgotten are the tears and pain.
The sound of Angel wings are heard
    No guns announce the day
His life shall be eternally-
    God's smile will light his way.
Virginia Williams
Though we cannot see the Power-
    That calls the one we love,
Nor are we sure of the hour-
    The call comes from above;
We know it is in God's own plan,
    In the wide horizon's view-
And we will one day understand,
    Why partings must ensue.
No, we can not see the Power-
    Or know the reason here,
But there will come an hour-
    That this will be made clear.
Margriet Gilkison
You've gone and left us weeping now-
    How lonely we will be.
It won't seem real that you're away-
    We'll always look for thee.
When sunlight spreads it's silver gauze;
    I'll want you-Is it true
That you are gone? Each night and day
    We'll wait and wish for you.
But time shall pass; and soon we all
    Shall reach the boundary's end-
For God shall call us to His home,
Where friend shall meet with friend.
Virginia Williams
Lady of Perpetual Help,
    We look for peace to you.
Help us find joy in knowing
    That he will live anew.
With all your glory guide us,
    Help us to bear this pain
Of living lonely without him
    Until we meet again.
Please intercede for him to God
    To gain that perfect rest.
Lead him to that great kingdom where
    Each joyous soul is blessed.
Virginia Williams
A mystic ship with silken sails
    Went out to sea one day;
It fought its way through stormy nights
    And wondrous light of day.
The stillness of this magic boat
    Was strange within its sheen
But through its calm progressiveness
    A soul could not be seen.
Nor can we see the ship itself
    Through eyes of earthly light
For only they that ride with God
    Can know this Heavenly sight.
Marilyn Sanofsky
When winter comes then summer leaves
    With all that it implies -
The rippling of the little streams -
    The blueness of the skies.
The trees that always look to God
    Shall face the earth below,
Their branches shall be laden down
    With winter's heavy snow.
And summer leaves our hearts today
    As winter enters in
And all that's left is memories
    Of what there might have been.
Marilyn Sanofsky
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Your tired eyes have closed, dear friend,
    In everlasting sleep.
The Angels guard your resting place,
    Your soul the Lord shall keep.
We're going to miss your kindly smile,
    The love you gave to all,
The endless ways you helped mankind,
    Until you heard your call.
All through your life you've served your God.
    Your soul in goodness grew.
In Heaven you'll be happy,
    For God takes care of you.
Virginia Williams
If we who mourn our loss today
    But could remember, too-
There's the sowing and the reaping-
    In God's own plans so true.
There is the binding of the sheaves,
    The gathering of His own-
A harvest time that never leaves-
    His souls without a home.
And when all this we come to know,
    And better understand-
It's easier to see them go-
    To God's far better land.
Margriet Gilkison